Introducing BBQ TOWER!

The Barbecue Tower (BBQ TOWER) is an all-new Premium Multi-Level Charcoal Barbecue Grill. Featuring the benefits of three independent charcoal barbecues presented in one stylish and compact outdoor patio BBQ.With the BBQ TOWER you can barbecue at different levels all at once!

BBQ TOWER™ is a revolutionary BBQ concept

What did New York do when building space was at a premium?

They started building up! That’s the thinking behind the innovative new bbq tower barbecue design. The BBQ TOWER™ ‘skyscraper’ is compact and stylish for the centre of your barbecue party, so for once the chef can join in the fun. But it’s also discreet enough to sit neatly to one side, leaving maximum space for your guests to mingle in even the smallest of patio spaces. BBQ TOWER™ is not only a first, it’s also Number One!

BBQ TOWER™ gives you three levels of barbecue power

The easy-to-use BBQ TOWER™ cooks three times as much at one time – whether it’s for a children’s party or sophisticated al fresco dining.

So now there’s no more waiting for the second or third round – everyone can eat together. More importantly, with BBQ TOWER™, everyone can eat what they prefer. Try charcoal–grilled fish or prawns on the top level, and succulent vegetarian kebabs at level two, while you’ve got a delicious home–cooked pizza on the bottom barbecue grill.

And if you dedicate each BBQ TOWER layer to one type of food, there need be no mixing. It’s so easy to use. With BBQ TOWER™, you’ll want to make every day a barbecue day!