About Us

Introducing the BBQ TOWER™

As a family we love to barbecue but often found it difficult to cater for meat eaters and vegetarians, or friends who ate only fish.

Ordinary charcoal barbecues simply couldn’t do it with only one grill surface or weren’t user friendly enough to cater for everyone. We wanted to introduce a new concept into the market, a barbecue that could do more. So we put our thinking caps on, and decided to design something different!

After teaming up with a British company and spending several years on the project we created our product; a fun, easy to use, Multi-Level barbecue.

The BBQ TOWER™ has three independant grilling levels, allowing for meat, fish and vegetarian foods to be grilled separately – no more fighting over grill space! Cook different foods at different levels, at different times. Do it your way with the BBQ TOWER™. Based on a simple problem, now presented in a stylish solution – multi-level grilling like never before.

BBQ TOWER™ is brought to you by Bell Container Trading LTD