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First BBQ of the Season!

Author : Online Team
So, the weather improves and we head straight to the garden for some much needed sunshine and B-B-Q action!  This was a big occasion, it was our first BBQ of 2013 and we were ready for an afternoon of multi-level grilling.
BBQ TOWER shot of sausages on top grill

sausages on top grill - BBQ TOWER

We had been given some samples of Treewood’s Lump Charcoal and so thought we’d give it a go!  Usually, given time constraints, we opt for instant-lighting charcoal and it was a refreshing change to use real, organic, lump wood charcoal, grown sustainably and responsibly right here in the UK (in fact only a few minutes drive from our offices).  Many thanks to Lewis for giving us the opportunity to test-drive his prized charcoal!

Treewood Charcoal

Lump Charcoal by Treewood


After approximately 30 minutes, our charcoal was white-hot and we were ready for some grilling.  First on, were the sausages, corn on the cob and cassava chips (lovely tossed with some fresh lemon and chilli or paprika powder).

Complete profile BBQ TOWER

3/4 aspect BBQ TOWER all levels grill

Given that the BBQ TOWER is the original multi-level barbecue born right here in the UK, we thought we’d fire up all levels.   On to level 2, which saw the first of the barbecue pizzas, we started with a veggie friendly sweetcorn, chilli, tomato and onion blend.  As you can see even the pre-cooked pizzas look very appetising (even if we say so ourselves)!


Pizza being prepared on BBQTOWER

In fact, pizzas proved to be so popular, level 3 was fired up to get some more bbq pizza action.  On average taking between 5 and 7 minutes to grill, we recommend using a thin base (homemade if possible) to get that real charcoal grilled crunch!  Ensure to coat the cooking discs and trays lightly in olive oil to avoid sticking and to get a nice crust forming on the base.

bbqtower pizza shot

pizza being prepared for grilling on BBQ TOWER

The BBQ TOWER kept on grilling all afternoon, featuring more burgers, both lamb and veggie variants, and Lewis’ charcoal kept on glowing (requiring top-up at regular intervals) to ensure consistent heat and cooking power.

white hot charcoal

BBQ TOWER charcoal white hot

To finish our BBQ day we decided to cook an apple crumble.  We wrapped it in foil and left it on the grill until it was piping hot! Delicious served with some vanilla ice-cream.

BBQ TOWER apple crumble top-level

Apple crumble on the top-level of BBQ TOWER

Thanks go to all the family for the totality of their efforts over the weekend to ensure the first BBQ of the Season was well catered for! Stay tuned for more BBQ updates!

All-levels BBQ TOWER

All-levels BBQ TOWER action shot


BBQ TOWER on television!

Author : Online Team

Recently, the BBQ TOWER was featured on Channel Five’s Gadget Show.  See below for a selection of images from the Gadget Show’s BBQ special, where the BBQ TOWER, the original multi-level charcoal barbecue was placed head-to-head against a Landman smoker bbq and the Big Green Egg.  The hosts and bbq master, Barry Lewis, noted the versatility of the BBQ TOWER – having grilled veggie sausages, jacket potatoes and, of course, pizza!  We particularly liked the BBQ TOWER being described as the ‘open plan bbq’ and reference to the benefits of having three separate barbecue grills in one unit.  When space is at a premium, you build up, and that’s the thinking behind the BBQ TOWER.

Happy Grilling!

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