• Where can I buy BBQ Tower?

    The BBQ TOWER is available to order online from our website or through a network of retailers within the garden leisure industry. Other outlets include garden centres and specialist trade shops. The BBQ TOWER will soon be available in stores across the UK. If your local garden centre does not stock the BBQ TOWER, ask them to get in touch.

  • Do I need an engineering degree to assemble the BBQ TOWER?

    No. It comes fully assembled – all you need to do is attach on the handles and the internal hook for the lid. Easy. No engineering degree required.

  • Do I have to use all three levels at one time?

    No – BBQ TOWER is very flexible. Each cooking level is independent so you can use one, two or three levels at any time.

  • Why did you choose charcoal for the BBQ TOWER?

    Charcoal is economical and easily accessible. If you choose your charcoal well it can also be eco-friendly – and in some cases, the ashes can be good for your garden. For BBQ aficionados, charcoal gives that authentic barbecue flavour. We recommend the use of locally sourced charcoal.

  • Where should I use the BBQ TOWER?

    The BBQ TOWER is a patio barbecue. As it is on three levels we advise you to use it on solid, stable surfaces such as your terrace or patio. It is not advisable to barbecue on grass without proper precautions, such as a paved base for the BBQ TOWER to rest on.

  • What is Pizzatier?

    It’s the way the BBQ TOWER can cook pizzas. Unlike conventional barbecues the BBQ TOWER provides warmth from above and below and creates the perfect cooking environment for getting that authentic crunchy pizza base. The BBQ TOWER pizza experience is a must!

  • What is the best way to cook pizzas on the BBQ TOWER?

    We recommend the use of our cooking discs placed on the surface of the grill trays provided. We also advise you to coat the disc and the pizza base in olive oil to ensure the base does not stick. For best results ensure the cheese is bubbling before removing the pizza.

  • How do I use the grill on the lower levels?

    You can use the grill as you do on the top level but for better stability and support we recommend you turn the grill 180 degrees over so that the pins that support it on either side do so from beneath the grill surface.