Why you should UPGRADE to a BBQ TOWER:

  • Efficient – three layers of heated charcoal, three grills, three times as much food cooking at one time
  • Use one, two or all three levels – only heat what you need. Each level is independent
  • Separability of cooking surfaces – keep meat, fish and vegetables separate
  • Varied and interchangeable cooking platforms, including traditional grill and perforated cooking tray
  • Uses standard charcoal for that classic open-air barbecue flavour
  • Small footprint – sustainable product (durable construction, high-quality materials)
  • Compact, high-rise, space-saving – use it or store it in the smallest spaces
  • Unique tower design presented in a matte black finish – combining function and fashion
  • Comes ready-assembled – no complicated instructions – just screw on the handles and start cooking
  • Easy to use and on wheels for manoeuvreability
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